A Clean Classroom is a Happy Classroom. Let’s Be Greater!
Project by:
1) Cheong Zhi En Marie
2) Loy En Xuan, Ashley
3) Keyanna Ng Yin Weng
4) Mary Ann Low Yi Juan
5) Sarah Madeleine Francis
6) Talia Ava Quinn
7) S.Rekisha Camelia Pereira

Ambassadors kicked off this campaign to encourage students to have a sense of ownership and pride in their classrooms.

During morning assembly, they shared a video on showing kindness in school. They also designed “A Clean Classroom is a Happy Classroom” posters to encourage students to take part.

To sustain the activity, students pledged to keep their classrooms neat and tidy at all times. They signed their pledged and pasted on their class noticeboards.

The project received many positive comments from the students, who became more responsible and caring for their surroundings.