Be Kind, Be Greater @ BGPS!
Project by:
1) Lew Zong Cheng
2) Tan Kai
3) Boongaling Allison Chloe Gaud
4) Muhamad Nazrie Bin Muhamad Nizam
5) Jovan Lau
6) Dessi Chua
7) Engracia Chew Yu Xuan
8) Haziq Israq Bin Muhammad Nur Imran Prakash

Through kindness and creativity, students built a strong culture of care.

Notes of Appreciation – Designed like sea creatures, they showed that kindness blooms everywhere.

Kindness Chains – Students wrote down their acts of kindness and linked them into chains. The long chains showed that they accomplished many kind acts!

Engaging the Heart – Students learnt respect and empathy by making bookmarks with kind words and designing comic strips based on kindness. Primary 5s also made a Well Wishes Mural to encourage their seniors for the PSLE.

Friends of Singa Drama Video – This told the story of a new foreign student to the school and the kind people who helped her integrate. It showed how small acts of kindness can have a big impact.

3D School Display – Campaign artefacts were put up for display, reminding the school that anyone can initiate kindness. The underwater theme emphasised that kindness can have a huge ripple effect, just like the deep blue sea.