Do the Right Thing, Show Respect
Project by:
1) Hor Xin Hwee Chloe
2) Pay Min Hoe
3) Wong Yong Da
4) Haney Natasha Bin Hamdan
5) Wan Chee Yu Aedan
6) Yap Chin Di
7) Chriselle Salim
8) Mohamed Elyas Bin Mohd Zaffis
9) Nur Izzah Arina Bte Imran

Through this project, students learned to show greater respect for family, school staff and friends. Students who displayed respect were also recognised and praised for their good attitude, motivating them to keep up the good work.

School-wide Skit – This drove home the message of respect, anti-bullying. It reinforced the use of polite words, and appropriate behaviours in different settings.

Time for a Heart – On heart-shaped cards, students wrote down what respect means to them and different ways to show respect to others. It helped them better understand and demonstrate the value of respect.

Value-in-Action Time – Students were commended for showing respect and their photos were proudly displayed in the canteen. It could be simple acts of respect, like greeting teachers or being polite with friends. This reinforced the value of respect and inspired others to follow in their footsteps.