Teaching Kindness Through Acts of Thoughtfulness

Ambassadors shared videos on how to show thoughtfulness, encouraging their peers to be thoughtful at different times and places.

Thoughtfulness in the Classroom – Videos inspired students to put in extra effort to be ready when the teacher starts class, to help a struggling friend, and to clean the classroom without being told.

A Thoughtful Friend – Videos shared different ways to be a thoughtful friend. Examples include collecting homework for an absent friend, and being considerate by walking in the school corridors.

Thoughtfulness During Recess – Students watched and learned how they can keep the canteen clean and orderly, such as by returning their dishes after eating.

Thoughtfulness in the Toilet – Video tips taught students how to keep the toilet clean for other users. Students learned to flush after use and wring their hands over the sink to keep the floors dry.

The video campaign was a clear success, with a total of 508 acts of thoughtfulness recorded during the project!