We Stand United for Kindness!

This project helped Cedarians assimilate after the school merger and learn new ways show kindness to one another.

Hand-designed Hearts –Ambassadors pasted heart-shaped messages on canteen tables to brighten diners’ days.

Values in Action Cleaning Programme – Classes took turns cleaning up the canteen. This encouraged students to appreciate the work of cleaning staff in school.

Happy Toilets – Ambassadors educated the school on proper toilet etiquette to show consideration for other users as well as cleaners. They also spruced up toilets by decorating them with potted plants, encouraging others to keep their surroundings clean and beautiful.

Staff Appreciation Day – Students made origami hearts and wrote words of appreciation for non-teaching staff.

Kindness Celebration Week – Students made Kindness Pledges, decorated a Kindness Board and took photos at a Kindness Photo Booth. The activities engaged the whole school and raised awareness of kindness.