About FOS, Secondary

Introduced in 1990, the Friend of Singa (FOS) programme began with the purpose of cultivating desirable behaviors and values in students. Building on the notion "Choose ___, Choose Kindness", the 32nd edition of FOS seeks to empower students to be active Agents of Kindness in contributing beyond themselves and the betterment of their schools and communities.

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FOS Programme Timeline

Project execution period: February 2022 - August 2022

Jan - Feb

FOS Registration
(Jan - Mid Feb)

Register your interest to start a kindness campaign in your school.

Each school can gather up to 3 groups of students (with no capacity limit per group) to run their Kindness Campaign(s).

Feb - Mar

FOS Workshop (Optional)
(Feb - Mar)

Attend an optional workshop to learn the basics of implementing a Digital & Physical Campaign here.
***Limited slots available!

May - June

FOS Proposal Submission
& Approval (May - Mid June)

Submit your campaign proposal(s) to SKM for approval! Each school would be able to receive funding of up to $200 for the implementation of their FOS projects
** Teachers are advised to submit earlier if possible.

Jul - Aug

FOS Report Submission
(Mid Jul - 15 Aug)

Report to be uploaded via the school's unique OneDrive link which will be shared with teachers during registration.
**late submissions will not be considered


Awards Ceremony
(2nd Week of November 2022)

All students participating in the FOS programme will be recognised as a Friend of Singa during the Kindness Awards Ceremony.

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