We would like to invite you to join us for another year of championing kindness within your school and beyond.


Introduced in 1990, the Friend of Singa (FOS) programme is into its 30th year. FOS aims to empower students to lead their schools in a 5-month kindness campaign where they are tasked to identify issues and implement solutions to promote kindness within their school and community. It is intended that at the end of the campaign, participants will recognize the importance of their role in making a difference.

Building on the notion of collective kindness, the theme for FOS 2020  is “Kindness means ___________“. Upon completion of the kindness project, participating schools will be recognised for their commitment and support in building a nation of kindness and be awarded for their continued and sustained participation in FOS. Nominated students leading their kindness campaigns will be honoured as Friend of Singa Ambassadors. The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) hopes that by giving the students such recognition, it will encourage their peers to emulate their fine example.

*To help kick start these projects, SKM will help fund up to $150 per project (SKM reserves the right to adjust or withhold the approved fund at its sole discretion).*