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Introduced in 1990, the Friend of Singa (FOS) programme began with the purpose of cultivating desirable behaviours and values in students. FOS Secondary programme is a year-long programme that is open to secondary, special education schools, madrasahs, and international schools.

FOS started out in schools to cultivate desirable values and qualities in students and to champion kindness in the school community. Students from participating schools are tasked to identify issues and they must implement a kindness campaign on campus to promote kindness within their school and community. It is intended that at the end of the campaign, participants will recognize the importance of their role in informing and encouraging desired behaviours; therefore making a difference.

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FOS Programme Timeline


FOS Registration
(2 January - 31 January 2024)

Schools may register their interest in the FOS programme. By signing up for the registration, your school indicates your commitment to delivering one kindness project.

23/25 January

FOS Briefing & Q&A session
  • 23 January 2024 at 3pm
  • 25 January 2024 at 4pm

29 February

FOS Workshop (Optional):
29 February 2024 (Thursday), 2pm-5pm

Schools may choose to sign up to attend an optional FOS workshop HERE

31 March

FOS Proposal Submission:
(By 31 March 2024)

Schools are required to submit their FOS proposal that is in line with one of the Focus Areas stated on this website.

31 August

Report and Claims Submission
(By 31 August 2024)

Reports and claims are to be uploaded via the school's unique OneDrive link, which will be shared with teachers during registration.

* Late submissions will not be considered.

January 2025

Kindness Awards Ceremony
January 2025

All participating students, teachers and schools in the FOS programme will be recognised during the Kindness Awards Ceremony 2025.

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