About FOS

Introduced in 1990, the Friend of Singa (FOS) programme began with the purpose of cultivating desirable behaviors and values in students. By participating in the FOS programme, a school indicates her commitment to deliver a Kindness project and will be recognised as a Friend of Singa School at the end of the year at our Kindness Awards Ceremony.

The theme for FOS 2022 is "Choose ___, Choose Kindness"

*To help kick start your project, SKM will help fund up to $200 per school (SKM reserves the right to adjust or withhold the approved fund at its sole discretion).*

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FOS Programme Timeline

Dec - Jan

FOS Registration
(Dec - Jan)

Teachers to nominate students ambassadors for FOS participation

*no maximum limit on number of students*

Jan - Mar

FOS Ideation
(Jan - Mar)

Students and Teachers to ideate for FOS project proposals

Mar - Apr

FOS Proposal Submission
& Approval (Mar - Apr)

Teachers advised to submit earlier if possible

Apr - Aug

FOS Project Execution
& Report Writing


FOS Report Submission
Wed, 31 Aug 2022


2nd Week of November 2022

All students participating in the FOS programme will be recognised as a Friend of Singa during the Kindness Awards Ceremony.

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